Apple Variety Guide

Use this handy guide to help identify the apples you pick at Catoctin Mountain Orchard during pick-your-own season!

For more information about apple varieties please call 301-271-2737

Autumn Gala


This sweet crunchy apple is one of our first apples for our Pick Your Own. With its great color of a light red and yellow, not only do they look pretty but they taste great as well!


Adam's Apples: Blondee

Blondee has a Smooth yellow skin with slight russeting at the stem and scattered tan-colored pores. It has a unique sweet-tart flavor, with a crisp & juicy white flesh. Excellent for eating fresh and for cooking in your favorite recipe

September Wonder

September Wonder is an early Fuji that still has the same sweetness and crunch as the original Fuji. This apple has a darker pink blush to the skin and smaller in size, great snack size apple and also for school lunches.

 Crimson Crisp

Our customer favorite is what keeps them coming back for more. Its great medium tart flavor and crunchiness will WOW your taste buds!


 cortland single

What better apple to bake with than Cortland itself! Being a medium tart apple its not too sweet for a pie but also not too tart. Its white flesh is the key to baking because it allows the apple to soften down when you bake with it.


Johnagold single

The Jonagold is popular to most of those that love either a Golden Delicious or Jonathan because those are the two apples that the Jonagold is crossed with. When you put a sweet and tart apple together it gives it a taste like honey. Crunchy, hard and full of flavor. This  apple is distinct for its freckles on the skin and dark red blush.

Mountain Honey.. coming soon

Mt Honey

Mountain Honey is a relatively new apple to Catoctin Mt Orchard with a red blush on a buttery yellow skin close in comparison to our Autumn Gala. It is a sweet, crunchy apple with a thin and tender peel.


Cameo Single

Cameo apples are covered in red stripes with a thin skin and delicate texture. Its flesh is dense and creamy white to yellow in color with a crisp and juicy texture. The Cameo’s flavor is the perfect balance of sweet and tart with nuances of both honey and citrus.



Pink Lady