A family friend was generous enough to give us a 1/2 bushel of summer peaches from Catoctin Mount Orchard, and they were soooo good!  The first 1/2 bu were yellow summer peaches – they were juicy, ripe, and a decent size.  I don’t think we had one bad peach, but of course they didn’t last that long in our household.

Went back yesterday to pick up a couple of 1/2 bushels.  The employees are nice and helpful.  One employee cut up a couple of peaches for us to taste.  The white peaches were sweet and had slightly mild flavor compared to the yellow peaches, which were a bit tart/tangy.  Both were very good.

They have other local produce and items, just as Angela T. mentioned in her post.

If you’re in the are, stop by.

E.P.Washington Metro
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