Mark S.

Great farm market sitting on US 15 in Thurmont.  The produce highlight has gotta be the peaches — they’re perfect, the best fresh peaches I’ve ever had — but they carry everything that’s in season, fruits and vegetables, and it’s always good.  For people who are used to supermarket plums and berries and apples and so on it’s going to be a revelation.

They maintain a big cooler full of different kinds of cider and other beverages, some cheeses and the like, and a big ice cream freezer as well.  They have a pretty large selection of the sort of pickles and preserves and so on that you often find at these markets, snacks and chips and jerky and such too, and while I’m often a little dubious about trying that sort of stuff at a farm market,  I’ve tried several of their offerings and they’re good.

The thing is, when you go in here, the smell of baking pie pretty much causes you to lose your train of thought when you walk in.  And it smells incredible. You can just watch people coming in and then the scent of pie gets ’em, they start off heading for the cucumbers and then they end up in front of the pies somehow.  If you like pie and can’t eat it, for god’s sake don’t come here because even if you come for the peaches you are at least 50% likely to walk out with a fresh baked pie and once you’ve had one the odds go up

Mark S.Rockville, MD
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