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What a wonderful market! We live in PA and stopped here on our way back from WV as we are fans of fresh fruit and veggie vendors.

As soon as you walk in, the overwhelming, delicious smell of fresh pies puts a smile on your face. They have a huge variety of goodies, well more than your typical small town market, and it’s all FRESH!

– Fruits: We went during peak peach season, so the selection was ample! We wanted strawberries, but didn’t find any, so I guess they are out of season. I read other reviews that expressed slight disappointment in the selection, but remember everything is seasonal!

– Veggies: They had a good selection of veggies! We didn’t buy any, but we were looking for fruit. They had fresh green beans, banana peppers, dozens of different items!

– Apple and pumpkin butters, plus dozens of different flavored jams!

– Canned soups, both pre-made and where you add the final ingredients

– Venison jerky and sausage snacks (so good, we bought 4 packages!)

– Freshly baked and frozen pies available in many different flavors!

– Individual packages of fresh fudge and cookies available!

You can also cut your own fresh flowers outside if you inquire first inside, and they were all pretty.

It’s a great restroom break and place to walk around outside!

The prices are reasonable compared to other farmers markets. You are paying for farm fresh and homemade items, so don’t expect Walmart prices. We paid $1 per peach and that has been standard everywhere else. The beef jerky prices were comparable to Jack Links, but obviously way better quality! It’s worth every penny to be healthy, have farm to table, and high quality taste.

You can order items online from them too!

We will definitely be stopping by here whenever we visit MD and WV!

Jenna H.Philadelphia, PA

It’s a nice little farmer’s market off the beaten path. I didn’t see too much actual produce when I was there, but the selection of jams and pickled veggies was great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the horseradish pickles I got, and my partner wishes he could go back for more spicy peppers. Our friend who recommended the place swears by the pies, and they were baking them fresh during the day. I’ll definitely stop by again next time I’m driving through the area.

Nathan G.Fairfax, VA

I always stop here when I’m driving along 15. I have always found the most stunning produce here. Their baked goods and apple ciders are by far the best in the region. Their apple cider donuts are the best I’ve ever had, and definitely one of my favorite things about fall!

Alima H.Washington, DC

Love this placed so glad we happened to pass by on our way to Gettsyburg! I love apples and they offer free samples, which I thought was pretty amazing! I tried a cameo apple and it was perfectly crisp and delicious! We left with a box of them.

We also purchased honey sticks, apple butter, sweet pickles, and my partner enjoyed pumpkin donuts.

The grounds are also gorgeous and I highly recommend this place!

Natalie M.Washington, DC

While driving to a wedding yesterday the hubby and I decided to see what the hustle and bustle was about at this little market place. Pulling up the place was packed! Once inside we saw fresh fruit, jam, cakes, pies and all other goodies you can eat. We got the peach pie which was really good and fresh good strawberry jam. But the thing I must really brag about is their cream cheese pound cake!!! Omg this pound cake was so good I thought I was in the south eating my aunts cake! I wanted to eat it in one sitting but I had a wedding to attend not to far up the road and didn’t want to bust out of my dress! This is a must stop market place!

Jerica D.Loudoun County, VA

What a cute find!

After an unsuccessful apple shopping trip at a different orchard, we accidentally wound up here. As we approached, we could tell Catoctin was in a way different league.

To start, they have a cute outdoor area and all around were many, many pumpkins of all sizes. Of course we took 2.

Going inside the market you immediately smell deliciousness from all directions. Mostly though, the bakery full of freshly baked, gorgeous and inviting goods. Couldn’t leave without some fresh apple dumplings.

The apple selection here is plentiful! The prices were a hair higher than some other places I’ve been too but I was happy to pay it with the wide variety they had. The next several weeks my house was filled with apple foods (my healthy homemade apple sauce, killer apple cider and an apple pie were just the start) and I gave plenty away from this one trip!

The staff, maybe a family, were too kind. Icing on the cake.  The only reason I’m not leaving 5 starts is because you can’t pick your own here. Apple picking is one of my favorite autumn activities. Virginia has several orchards you can do that. Regardless, will miss not being around next autumn for apple season with Catoctin Orchard.

Usagi T.Anchorage, AK

A favorite visit of ours every fall, this place has some of the best apple-based products around! At least once a year we’ll travel the hour up here to stock up on apples, apple pies, apple cider, and various preserves and snacks. Prices are fair, given the economy, and they have a wide variety of everything.

Their cider is among some of the best I’ve tasted throughout Maryland and I wish I could get it at my local grocery store. The only bad parts are that it either is drank too quickly or begins to turn into hard cider if you drink it too slow.

Their applies come in a huge variety and you can pick up as many as you want. Look through them, create a package from those that look good, and enjoy! They even will give you some to try if you see a type you’ve never had.

Their preserves, jellies, jams, butters, honeys, etc. run the entire gamut, from spicy to super sweet. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, orange, jams made from peppers or liquors, etc. abound and you’ll find something that sounds too good not to take home.

Want some snacks? They have brownies, dumplings, cookies, kettle corn, and all sorts of things that will never make the ride home.

So, if you feel the urge for the tasty, home-grown, apple-related produce of Maryland, I cannot recommend a better place to visit!

Brook H.Columbia, MD

Picked up delicious blueberries and corn – I always love fresh local produce!

Dee B.Bethesda, MD

World’s greatest Apple Butter.  Good produce.

Bill L.Potomac, MD

This place has amazing pies, and amazing apple cider donuts. Apple cider itself is good, but I’m not a fan of the other flavors. Love the little country store, but holy cow those pies! Always look forward to when my aunt and uncle come visit from York 😉

Laura S.Fairfax, VA