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This country store and bakery is awesome!  I have been here many times and purchased upwards of 20 pies in the past year (some were gifts).  The staff is always friendly. The pies are so tasty!  My favorite is the Apple Walnut and Strawberry pies. I also LOVE the fresh Apple Cider..of which they also provide warm and cold samples.

I recommend this bakery for all of your pies!  During the holidays, be sure to call ahead to ensure they have what you’re looking for.

Angela D.Springfield, VA

We paid a visit today during pumpkin season to get out and look at the leaves, buy some fresh goodies, and soak in sunshine and fresh air.

This place is hoppin! Inside the store, the bakery is pumping out the mouth watering scents from freshly baked pies and cookies. There were at least a dozen different types of pies, and in a testament to their yumminess, there were packaged up paper plates and forks indicating some people never get them home! The freezer has pies and dumplings to take home and bake fresh yourself. Wow…how to pick just one?!! Also inside, there were a lot of choices of apples and pears, not so many other veggies to choose from.

Outside, the pumpkin choices were limited to relatively small ones, but there were a LOT to choose from. There isn’t signage indicating this, but the ride in through the orchard via tractor and trailer are totally free. It’s a nice a nice bouncy ride through the orchard and farm with great views.

We passed a lot of other farms and pumpkin patches on the way up, but this one was the best. A great stop on a sunny Saturday – highly recommended!

Betsy G.Silver Spring, MD

Catoctin Mountain Orchards (CMO).  There’s only one way to describe them.  They sell nature’s candy.

I absolutely hate eating fruit.  I never ever buy fruit and don’t like to eat it.  I think it’s because I don’t like anything sour.  And if you are used to shopping at your Giant or Safeway, it’s always a tossup with fruit.  But with CMO, you never have to worry.  I’ve never had fruit so fresh, sweet, and juicy.   I went through 5 nectarines and 5 plums today.  And it also had a wonderful side effect.  My cravings for sweets and candies was completely curbed.  Make the trip up to Thurmont.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  I especially recommend the peaches, nectarines, plums, and berries.

Sang K.Gaithersburg, MD

This place has the best apple pie ever! You can go and get a frozen pie then bring it home and bake it yourself or if your real lucky you can get a fresh baked pie.

They also have blackberry (I got one waiting in the freezer), peach, apricot, and a whole lot more.

They also sell fresh fruits and veggies.

Guy S.Frederick, MD