Pick-Your-Own Fruits

Apples-  Every Saturday & Sunday in September & October

Cash Only Sales for PYO Apples. ATM on site. Sept. , Oct.,  And Possibly November 6 & 7 2021. PLEASE check the Home Page for updates.

Apple picking prices and sizes:

  • Half Peck bag : 5 to 6 lbs of apples ……..$
  • Peck bag : 11 to 12 lbs of apples …………..$
  • Half Bushel bag : 20 to 22 lbs of apples ..$
  • Entrance Fee: $3 per person
    • ( under 3 yrs. are free)
    • Includes wagon ride to and from apple field

Guidelines for Apple Picking may change by the 1st PYO: Aug. 28 & 29.

  • You Must wear a Face Mask when in line purchasing your Bag and while on the Wagon Ride to and from the PYO Field that you Must Ride. 
  • While in the field you may remove your mask if you are comfortable.
  • Pick Your Own Apples every Saturday and Sunday last weekend in August through September and October.
  • Apple picking is from 9:30am- 4pm. Last wagon leaves at 4, those still in the apple field can pick until 4:30.
  • PLEASE NO PICNICKING IN THE APPLE ORCHARD. Picnic tables are located at playground.
  • NO walking in the orchard.
  • Before leaving home, please check back on this page or call for picking availability 301-271-2737 and hours depending on weather conditions. Catoctin reserves the right to close the Apple Orchard due to inclement weather that may include heavy rain, thunder, lightning and/or severe winds without advanced notice in order to protect our customers and employees.
  • Cash sales ONLY. ATM is available on site (Sept. & Oct.)
  • Apple varieties will change as the season progresses. Questions regarding apple varieties please call or check out our Apple Variety tab. 
  • You must purchase your Pick Your Own bags at the check-in building located above the market on your way to the playground. You will see apple signs on the building indicating the check in for pick your own apples.
  • No outside containers, bags, and backpacks are permitted inside the orchard. Please leave bags and personal items in your car.
  • There is a $3 entrance fee per person to enter the apple orchard which includes a wagon ride out to Apple field to pick. Age three and younger are free.
  • All Apples picked must fit inside the bag you purchased. You cannot carry any Apples out of the Orchard. If you do, you will have to buy an additional Bag for them.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Orchard
  • If you drop an apple or an apple falls off the tree while picking, we kindly ask you to pick it up to ensure no apple goes to waste. Thank You.


Pick Your Own Blueberries are looking good for 2021 season. Please watch the “Home Page” for updates when harvest will start.

Approximate availability: June 29 – August  2

Black Raspberries  

Approximately Ripening- June 18 to 30.

Pick Your Own Black Raspberries are looking good for the 2021 season. Please watch the Home Page for updates on when they will be ready.

Dark Sweet Cherries 

 Pick Your Own Sweet Cherries are being evaluated for the 2021 season. There was some cold weather damage that happened to several varieties. Check our “Home Page” on updates. 

June 25 – July 8 2020

Tart Pie Cherries 

Tart Cherries have also had cold weather damage done to them this year reducing the crop. Not sure if enough for Pick Your Own. Please check “Home Page” on updates.

June 27 – July 17???