Market Reopens Today for the 2017 Season!

Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm 

Fresh picked Kale, Swiss Chard, Rhubarb


 Fresh Baked Fruit Pies, Apple Dumplings, Cookies, Brownies, & More

  Goldrush, Fuji, & Pink Lady Apples

Will have small boxes of our new Evercrisp Apple available

Honeycrisp Apple Sauce, Apple Cider, Honeycrisp Cider

  Local Honey, Maryland Maple Syrup,

BBQ Sauces, Dressings, Hot Sauce,Relishes,

Canned Peaches, Virginia Peanuts

 We carry Cheese from 3 farms within 10 miles

Supporting our Local Farmers

MARKET REOPENS TODAY for the 2017 season from 9 am to 5 pm.

 I want to THANK EVERYONE who came to Pick Great Tasting Apples during the weekends in September & October!

We are planting several thousand CrimsonCrisp, Pink Lady,

September Wonder, Lady In Red, Evercrisp, & Fuji Apple trees

in April 2017 to help meet the demand

for these crisp flavorful Apples!!

We have Graphed several rows to “Crunch A Bunch”, “Mountain Honey”, “Rosalee”, & “Summer Set”!

ALL new Great Tasting Apples for you

to look forward to in the coming years 

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 History of Catoctin`s Own, AUTUMN GALA

AUTUMN GALA is sweet and the crunchiest of ALL Gala varieties grown.

 It was found here on a limb of a “Kidd`s D8″ Gala tree over 20 years ago. 

We name it “Harry Black Gala” in memory of my father after he died in 1998.

The “Trade” Name or the listing at the Tree Nurseries is “Autumn Gala”.

Many Nurseries all over the world have test trees planted to see how it performs in other climates.

Autumn Gala ripens in mid to late September compared to other Gala , that ripen in late August.

 Because Autumn Gala is so sweet, you can leave out the sugar when cooking your favorite recipe.

Great for Eating, Cooking, & Salads.

We are happy to supply a variety of Apples & Pears to Frederick County Public School Lunch

program nearly all year!


You can Freeze any of the fresh Ciders in Plastic jugs to enjoy all year long!

Just remove a cup full from the plastic jugs to allow for expansion, 

replace the cap and place it in your Freezer for up to a year to

enjoy anytime till you get back to Catoctin for more!

Please call 301-271-2737 and our staff will help you!

Email us at cmoinfo@aol.com with your Questions or for more information

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Catoctin Mountain Orchard

is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1948 and continues to provide

quality Fruit, Berries, & Vegetables for You & Your Family to enjoy!

The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Generation of the Harry Black Family strive very hard to plant and grow

the best tasting varieties that keep you coming back for more!

  We want to Thank All of our Wonderful Customers for stopping by for the Great Products we have for You.

We look forward to serving You in 2017 with another Fruitful  Season!!


 Be Watching for our New Updated Web Site packed with Pictures & Videos with helpful “Hints” in packing those daily lunches & More!

Retail Market Reopening May 1,2017!!

  The Harry Black Family.