“Winter Hour Schedule”!

Market will only be open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9 am to 5 pm through January

Last day open is January 28 till May 1st 

*Now and through the month of January on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday will be a great time to stock up for your Winter supply of Apples, Jams, Apple Butter, Honey, Maple Syrup, Sauces, Jerky, Cheese, Dips, and More.

*Its a good time to fill your freezer with Apple Cider. Just remove a cup from each jug to allow for expansion and freeze.

*Enjoy Pies, Apple Cider Donuts, & Apple Dumplings. They all freeze well for you to enjoy during February, March, & April while our Market is closed. Market reopens May 1st.

We want to Thank Everyone who came out to Pick Great Tasting Apples on the weekends with your Family & Friends in September & October

Available at our Market Now

Our New “EverCrisp” Apple is now in our Market. This sweet juicy apple holds a powerful crunch combining the best features of its parents, Fuji and Honeycrisp. It maintains sweetness and firmness making it the perfect treat for a Holiday Celebration and the ideal snack for a healthy New Year!

Please ask my staff for a sample today!

We have a great supply of Cabbage for your favorite Soup or

hot Casserole to warm you up on these cold days!!!

  • Gala – Sweet – All Purpose – So sweet you can leave out or reduce the sugar!
  • Goldrush – Unique Tart flavor – All Purpose – A great keeper – Store in a clean plastic bag in your Frig if possible 
  • Stayman – Tart – All Purpose – A long time favorite for this region
  • Crimson Crisp – Medium Tart – Becoming our customer`s #1 favorite 
  • Cameo – Sweet – All Purpose – Another one you can leave sugar out when cooking!
  • Empire – Medium Tart – Cousin to McIntosh
  • Pink Lady  – Sweet/Tart – A winter favorite
  • Granny Smith – Tart & Hard – All Purpose
  • Golden Delicious – Sweet to Medium Tart- A long time All Purpose favorite- Has a thin skin for easy digestion – Store in clean plastic bag in the Frig
  • Seckel Pears – small in size – a mighty sweet taste
  • Bosc Pears – firm crisp pear
  • Magness Pears – one of the sweetest/juciest  varieties we grow! 
  •  Califlower
  • Fresh Apple Cider, & Honeycrisp Cider
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Bushel Apple Crates – Great for Shelves, Storage at College, Decorating a room, Painting Parties, Organizing your Garage, & more. Call 301-271-2737 for info.

Thank You for Visiting from the 4th Generation Harry Black Family4th generation

 *We are proud to supply a variety of Apples, Plums, Kiwi Berries, & Pears to Frederick County Public School Lunch Program. Student enjoy our Apples nearly all school year!

 Please call 301-271-2737 from 9 am to 5 pm and my Staff will answer your questions!


Email us at cmoinfo@aol.com with your Questions or Concerns.

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