Brook H.

A favorite visit of ours every fall, this place has some of the best apple-based products around! At least once a year we’ll travel the hour up here to stock up on apples, apple pies, apple cider, and various preserves and snacks. Prices are fair, given the economy, and they have a wide variety of everything.

Their cider is among some of the best I’ve tasted throughout Maryland and I wish I could get it at my local grocery store. The only bad parts are that it either is drank too quickly or begins to turn into hard cider if you drink it too slow.

Their applies come in a huge variety and you can pick up as many as you want. Look through them, create a package from those that look good, and enjoy! They even will give you some to try if you see a type you’ve never had.

Their preserves, jellies, jams, butters, honeys, etc. run the entire gamut, from spicy to super sweet. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, orange, jams made from peppers or liquors, etc. abound and you’ll find something that sounds too good not to take home.

Want some snacks? They have brownies, dumplings, cookies, kettle corn, and all sorts of things that will never make the ride home.

So, if you feel the urge for the tasty, home-grown, apple-related produce of Maryland, I cannot recommend a better place to visit!

Brook H.Columbia, MD
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